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University Professor Emeritus
Social Psychology
Personality Psychology
Research Methods
Heroes, Great Leaders, Legends, and Martyrs
Professor of Psychology
Chair, Department of Psychology
Metacognitive aging
Memory self-efficacy in adulthood and old age
Perceptions and stereotypes of aging and Alzheimer's disease
Measurement issues
Professor of Psychology
MacEldin Trawick Professor of Psychology
Face and object recognition in cognitively intact and impaired individuals
Development and loss of perceptual expertise across the lifespan
Factors underlying the way we categorize our world
Racial bias and other-race effects
PURSUE: Preparing Undergraduates for Research in STEM Using Electrophysiology (
Distinguished University Professor
Decision making
Higher education
Language processing
Research Lab Specialist
Professor of Leadership Studies and Psychology and the Colonel Leo K. & Gaylee Thorsness Endowed Chair in Ethical Leadership
Women and Minority Leaders
Stereotypes and Discrimination
Complex Social Issues
Professor of Psychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Faculty Director of the Richmond Scholars Program
ADHD in Adults
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Leadership in Personal Crisis
Associate Professor of Psychology
Child and adolescent development
Peer and gender relationships
Psychological adjustment
Academic Administrative Coordinator
Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
MacEldin Trawick Professorship in Psychology
Co-coordinator, Neuroscience Program
Experience-based Neuroplasticity
Neurobiology of Parental Behavior
Neurobiological Impact of Natural-Enriched Environments
Effective Coping Strategies and Emotional Resilience
Comparative Animal Behavior
University Professor Emeritus, Dean of Arts and Sciences Emeritus
History and philosophy of psychology
The social, cultural, and conceptual context and impact of psychology
The relations between psychology and other disciplines
Associate Professor of Psychology
Data Science Advisory Board Member
Lexical, syntactic, and semantic processing
Eye movements during reading
Individual differences in sentence processing
Mechanisms of memory and attention that support language comprehension
Associate Professor of Social Psychology
Political psychology
Implicit social cognition
Prejudice, discrimination, status, and inequality
Quantitative methods
Trawick Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology
Professor of Psychology, Emeritus; Dean of Arts and Sciences, Emeritus
Visiting Assistant Professor
Racial Bias, Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Pain Disparities
Asian American Psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology
Health disparities
Multicultural and cross-cultural aspects of mental and physical health
Psychosocial aspects of chronic illness
Solid organ transplantation
Positive psychology
Assistant Professor of Psychology
College Student Development
Identity and Intercultural Competence
Trauma and Resilience
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Visual Attention and Memory
Eye Movements During Search
Applied Cognition
Safety Behavior
Computational Methods
Post-doc Research Associate, Psychology
Visiting Lecturer