Dr. Camilla Nonterah's Lab

Lab Description

Dr. Nonterah’s research lab also known as the NERDS+ lab, focuses primarily on psychosocial aspects of end-stage organ disease (such as end-stage kidney disease and end-stage liver disease), and solid organ transplantation. Research from the NERDS+ lab seeks to investigate health disparities and find ways to create health parity by addressing barriers associated with organ transplantation. An additional goal within this area is to examine mental health in solid organ transplantation.

Another focus of the NERDS+ lab is to examine multicultural and cross-cultural aspects of mental and physical health. Research in this area is focused on understanding the experiences of undergraduate students in the US who identify as BIPOC as well as that of undergraduate students from Ghana.

The NERDS+ lab also focuses on addressing positive psychology constructs such as forgiveness, humility and gratitude with a heavy emphasis on understanding the experiences of people of African descent from countries such as Ghana and South Africa.

Dr. Nonterah’s lab uses qualitative methods such as semi-structured interviews and focus groups and quantitative methods such as surveys to address research questions.

Current Projects

  • The development of the Barriers in Access to Transplantation Scale
  • Public perceptions and knowledge of transplants
  • The role of strength-based attributes on transplant patients’ quality of life
  • A systematic review of disparities in access to transplantation
  • Racial/ethnic disparities in student wellness
  • Construction and development of two forgiveness scales in African populations

The NERDS+ lab is located in Richmond Hall, Room 203. Students interested in working in the lab may inquire in person or by emailing Dr. Nonterah.