Dr. Laura Knouse's Lab

Lab Description

The Knouse Lab (also known as the KNAB) investigates the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes that contribute to effective and ineffective self-regulation. Many of our projects specifically focus on understanding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults—a disorder of self-regulation. We ask and answer research questions that have implications for improving the lives of people with self-regulation problems. We seek creative ways to study these clinically-related questions that make meaningful contributions to basic and applied knowledge and that are feasible for undergraduate student researchers. 

Students working in the KNAB should be prepared to: 

  • engage effectively and ethically with research participants
  • carefully follow instructions with diligent attention to detail
  • communicate clearly and follow through on commitments
  • work collaboratively and creatively to solve research-related problems
  • learn from mistakes and use them to create even more robust research processes 

Recent Projects (as of Spring 2024) 

In collaboration with Dr. Shweta Ware’s research team in computer science, our main ongoing project: 

1) uses Ecological Momentary Assessment—where participants complete multiple short questionnaires per day on their cell phones—to understand how avoidant thoughts contribute to procrastination, and 

2) uses an app installed on participants’ smartphones to passively gather information about daily activities (e.g., location, movement) to better understand ADHD in daily life.

 Students interested in working in Dr. Knouse’s lab may inquire in person or via email.