Dr. Laura Knouse's Lab

Lab Description

Our lab (affectionately known as “dasLab”) investigates the relationship between people’s ability to self-regulate and their functional outcomes, including links between self-regulation and psychopathology. Several of our projects focus on understanding Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults—a disorder of self-regulation. Other projects explore the predictors and consequences of self-regulation problems in college students including outcomes such as grades, risky drinking, and emotional functioning.

Another goal of our lab is to ask research questions that have implications for reducing risk and improving outcomes for people with self-regulation problems. We seek creative ways to study these questions that make meaningful contributions to basic and applied knowledge and that are feasible for undergraduate student researchers.

Our lab uses methods from across the sub disciplines of psychology to answer research questions. These include clinical methods such as structured clinical interviewing and testing as well as survey and self-report, cognitive testing, vignette studies, and qualitative techniques. Advanced students in the lab have also been involved in successfully recruiting people with ADHD from the Richmond community to participate in our research. Click here to read more about this project.

Current and Recently Completed Projects – you may also visit my Faculty Page by clicking on the link to the left to see examples of publications from our lab.

  • impact of deficits in self-regulation on college adjustment and risk
  • evaluating the effectiveness of memory strategies for students with ADHD
  • role of beliefs and goal-setting in coping effectively with ADHD
  • examining predictors of risk for depression in adults with ADHD
  • impact of message framing on people’s perceptions of the credibility of treatments for psychological disorders

Students interested in working in Dr. Knouse’s lab may inquire in person or via email.