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    Dr. Janelle S. Peifer is a licensed clinical psychologist.Dr. Peifer’s research examines intra- and inter-cultural processes of college students’ intercultural competence development. As an active clinician and clinical researcher, she also examines the intersection of trauma and identity. Her recent publications focus on topics related to college students intercultural competence development, short-term study abroad, and assessment in global learning. She has also traveled with students to conduct community-engaged research in Panama, Peru and Nicaragua.

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    • Presentations

      Peifer, J. S., Fan, Y., & Green, J. (2023, November 17). "Race and gender identity, self-compassion, and emotional clarity in college students: Implications for trauma and stress outcomes" [poster]. Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. Annual meeting. Seattle, WA.

      Peifer, J.S. (2023, May 25). "College students’ reduced cognitive empathy and increased anxiety and depression before and during the COVID-19 pandemic" [poster]. Association of Psychological Sciences. Annual meeting. Washington, DC.

      Peifer, J. S. (2023, March 9). "College students’ reduced cognitive empathy and increased anxiety and depression before and during the COVID-19 pandemic" [poster]. International Convention of Psychological Science. Annual Meeting. Brussels, Belgium.

      Peifer, J. S. (2023, February 23). "Foregrounding intersectional identity in trauma-informed care" [conference session]. Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA.

      Peifer, J. S. (2023, February 20). "Dismantling the implicit assumption of whiteness in measures of intercultural competence" [conference session]. Association of International Education Administrators. Annual Meeting. Washington, DC.

      Peifer, J. S. (2023, February 3). "Pathways for college student intercultural competence development amidst COIVD-19" [conference session]. WISE Annual Meeting. Winston-Salem, NC.

      Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2022, September 23). "Culturally-aware developmental pathways to intercultural competence development in college students" [conference session]. Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Annual Meeting. Arlington, VA.

      Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2022, June 24). "The implicit assumption of whiteness in measures of intercultural competence" [conference session]. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Annual Meeting. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

      Peifer, J. S., Taasoobshirazi, G., & Meyer-Lee, E. (2022, May 31). "Travel and campus-based pathways to global learning" [conference session].NAFSA Annual Meeting. Denver, CO.

      Peifer, J. S. (2022, March 23). "A partner-inclusive hybrid intervention for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders" [conference session]Southeastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting. Hilton Head, SC.

      Peifer, J. S., Taasoobshirazi, G., & Meyer-Lee, E. (2022, March 21). "Multiple pathways to intercultural competence in the COVID-19 era" [conference session]. Forum on Education Abroad. Chicago, Illinois/Virtual.

      Peifer, J. S. (2022, February 11). "Pathways for college student intercultural competence development amidst COIVD-19" [conference session].WISE Annual Meeting. Winston-Salem, NC.

      Graml, G., Killenberg, D., Migold, H., & Peifer, J. S. (2021, February 11). "SCALEing to professional success: Integrating community-based leadership learning into the general education curriculum" [conference session]. American Association of Colleges & Universities. Virtual.

  • Publications
    Journal Articles

    Peifer, J. S., Meyer-Lee, E. & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2023). "A 10,000-foot Longitudinal Look at College Student Development and High Impact Practices for Change" Frontiers in Education-Higher Education. Special Research Topics-nurturing Personal Resources and Readiness for Graduates of the Future: Strategy, Research and Practice, 8.

    Nonterah, C. W, Hubbard, R. R., Hahn, N. C., Peifer, J. S., Utsey, S. O., & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2023). "Collective Self-esteem and Well-being Among College Students in Ghana" International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation.

    Peifer, J. S. & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2022). "College Students’ Reduced Cognitive Empathy and Increased Anxiety, and Depression Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic" International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - Special Issue: Protective and Risk Factors of Mental Health and Well-Being in Adolescence and Adulthood during Pandemic Era, 19(18), 11330. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph191811330.

    Peifer, J. S., Bradley, E., & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2022). "Pilot Testing a Brief Partner-inclusive Hybrid Intervention for Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)" Frontiers in Psychiatry.

    Peifer, J. S. & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2022). "Heightened Cognitive Empathy and Intercultural Competence for Individuals with Historically Marginalized Identities" International Journal on Social and Education Sciences, 4(2), 290-306. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonses.324

    Peifer, J. S., Meyer-Lee, E. & Taasoobshirazi, G. (2021). "Developmental Pathways to Intercultural Competence in College Students" Journal of Studies in International Education.

    Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2020). "Centering Culture in Intercultural Competence Development Assessment" Global Impact Exchange, Summer 2020, pp 24-26.

    Peifer, J. S. (2019). "Context and Reasons for Bolstering Diversity in Undergraduate Research" Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 336. 

    Peifer, J. S. & Lawrence, E. C. (2018). "Individual Characteristics and Institutional Opportunities for College Women’s Intercultural Competence" NAFSA Research Symposium Series, 2.

    Kapoor, S., Domingue, H. K., Watson, N. N., Are, F., Elmore, C., Crooks, C. L., Madden, A., Mack, S. A., Peifer, J. S., & Kaslow, N. J. (2018). "Childhood Abuse, Intrapersonal Strength, and Suicide Resilience in African American Females who Attempted Suicide" Journal of Family Violence, 33.

    Peifer, J. S. & Yangchen, T. (2017). "Exploring Cultural Identity, Personality, and Social Exposure Correlates to College Women’s Intercultural Competence" SAGE Open, 7(2).

    Peifer, J. S., Chamber, K. C., & Meyer-Lee, E. (2017). "Examining the Role of Structural Diversity in Intercultural Competence" International Research and Review, 7(1).

    Peifer, J. S., Lawrence, E. C., Williams, J. L., & Leyton-Armakan, J. (2016). "The Culture of Mentoring: Ethnocultural Empathy and Ethnic Identity in Mentoring for Minority Girls" Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22(3).

    Book Chapters

    Graml, G., Meyer-Lee, E., & Peifer, J. S. (2020). "Decolonizing Global Learning and Internationalization: A Human-scale Case Study of Innovation" In G. Malfatti (Ed.), People-Centered Approaches toward the Internationalization of Higher Education. IGI Global Publishing.

    Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2019). "Getting Beyond ‘It Changed my Life’: Critical Assessment of Out-there Transformation"  In D. Curran, C. Owens, H. Thorson, & E. Vibert (Eds.), Out There Learning: Critical Reflections on Off-Campus Study Programs (pp. 181-201). University of Toronto Press. 

    Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2017). "Global Learning at Agnes Scott College" In D. Deardorff and L. Arasaratnam-Smith (Eds.) Intercultural Competence in International Higher Education: International Approaches, Assessment, and Application (pp. 260-272). New York: Routledge.

    Peifer, J. S. & Meyer-Lee, E. (2017). "Program Design for Intercultural Development. In S. Spencer & K. Tuma (Eds.), The Guide to Successful Short-Term Programs Abroad (3rd ed., pp. 116-127). NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

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