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 Camilla  Nonterah
Camilla Nonterah
Assistant Professor of Health Psychology

Dr. Camilla Nonterah is a counseling psychologist by training whose research and clinical interests focus on behavioral medicine. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical psychology residency at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston Consortium and earned her doctorate from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Dr. Nonterah’s research focuses primarily on physical and mental health in underserved groups and minority populations and is guided by a multicultural framework. Her specific research interests can be summarized in three main areas. A major portion of her work focuses on the psychosocial aspects of chronic illness by examining health disparities and health equity, health behaviors, treatment seeking, and mental health associated with end-stage organ disease and solid organ transplantation. Her second interest focuses on the impact of culture and race on mental and physical health by examining contributors to poor health and psychological dysfunction. Dr. Nonterah’s third area of research examines positive health behaviors from a positive psychology perspective, particularly within an African context and through cross-cultural comparisons.


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Nonterah, C.W., Marek, R.J., & Borchardt, J. J. & Balliet, W. (2019). The impact of alexithymia on organ transplant candidates' quality of life: The mediating role of depressive symptoms. Psychological Reports. Advance online publication. 

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Worthington, E. L., Jr., Nonterah, C. W., Utsey, S. O., Griffin, B. J., Carneal, C. C., Cairo, A. H., Osei-Tutu, A., Cowden, R. G., Pillay, B. J., Kardio, K. K., & Germer, L. S. (2019). Forgiveness Research in Africa: The Present Status and Future Prospects. In E. L. Worthington, Jr. & N. G. Wade (Eds.), Handbook of forgiveness, 2nd ed. (pp. 223-233). New York, NY: Routledge.

Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University 2017
Counseling Psychology
M.A., Central Connecticut State University 2009
General Psychology
B.A., Concordia College 2005
Contact Information
203-A Richmond Hall
(804) 289-8128
Areas of Expertise
Health disparities
Multicultural and cross-cultural aspects of mental and physical health
Psychosocial aspects of chronic illness
Solid organ transplantation
Positive psychology