Cognitive Science Major

  • Cognitive Science

    Cindy Bukach, Coordinator (Psychology)
    Taylor Arnold, (Data Science and Statistics)
    Arthur Charlesworth, (Computer Science)
    Geoffrey Goddu, (Philosophy)
    Kelly Lambert, (Psychology)
    Matthew Lowder, (Psychology)
    Arryn Robbins, (Psychology)

    The major in Cognitive Science is designed to prepare students to ask and answer questions about the nature of the mind from a variety of approaches. To this end, the major is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on perspectives and methodological techniques from computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. Students successfully completing the major will be able to critically examine theories and empirical findings that address aspects of human cognition at the level of brains, behavior, and computation. Students may optionally elect to undertake a rigorous, scientific investigation of these topics through independent study and other research opportunities.

    The cognitive science major is offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree only.

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    Cognitive Science

    Critical examination of the nature, function, and mechanisms of mental structures that process and represent information, in humans as well as other intelligent agents. Cognitive science integrates methods drawn from psychology, neuroscience, philoso...

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    The Cognitive Science Major

    Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the major must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade below C- (1.70).

    12 units, including:

    • 3 units-Core

    • 4 units-Breadth Requirement: One course from each of these four areas

      • Computer Science

      • Linguistics

      • Neuroscience

      • Philosophy

      • 5 additional units of electives, chosen from the courses below. At least 3 must be at the 300 level or above. Courses taken for breadth requirement do not count toward the requirement to take 3 courses at the 300 level.

    Students are expected to fulfill all prerequisites necessary for courses within the major. Prerequisites do not count toward the major unless otherwise noted.

    The courses listed below may also count as elective credit toward the major, but all cases must be approved by the Cognitive Science coordinator to ensure the topic of research is relevant to the Cognitive Science curriculum. No more than two units of research-related coursework may be applied to the major. These courses typically do not satisfy the requirement that at least three electives must be at the 300 level or above. However, the Cognitive Science coordinator may in rare circumstances approve up to two of these courses as satisfying this requirement, provided that the scope of the project is sufficiently rigorous.