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Dr. L. Elizabeth  Crawford
Dr. L. Elizabeth Crawford
Professor of Psychology

Crawford, L. E., Cohn, S. M.,* & Kim, A.* (2014). "Good is up” is not always better:  A memory advantage for words in metaphor incompatible locations. PLOS One, 10.1371/journal.pone.0108269.>

Crawford, L. E., Landy, D., & Presson, A. N.* (2014).  Bias in spatial memory: Prototypes or relational categories?  In P. Bello, M. Guarini, M. McShane, & B. Scassellati (Eds.), Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.  Quebec City, CA: Cognitive Science Society.

Crawford, L. E., & Jones, E. L.* (2011). The flexible use of inductive and geometric spatial categories. Memory & Cognition, 39, 1055 - 1067.

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Crawford, L. E. (2009).  Conceptual metaphors of affect.  Emotion Review, 1, 129-139.

Crawford, L. E., Margolies, S. M.,* Drake, J. T.,* & Murphy, M. E.* (2006). Affect biases memory of location: Evidence for the spatial representation of affect.  Cognition and Emotion, 20, 1153-1169.>

Crawford, L. E., Huttenlocher, J., & Hedges, L. V. (2006). Within-category feature correlations and Bayesian adjustment strategies. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 13, 245-250.

Crawford, L. E., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2002). Learning where to look for danger: Integrating affective and spatial information. Psychological Science, 13, 449-453.

Crawford, L. E., Regier, T., & Huttenlocher, J. (2000).  Linguistic and non-linguistic spatial categorization. Cognition, 73, 209-235.

Crawford, L. E.,  Huttenlocher, J., & Engebretson, P. H. (2000).  Category effects on estimates of stimuli:  Perception or reconstruction?   Psychological Science, 11, 284-288.


Crawford, L. E. (2014).  The role of conceptual metaphor in memory. In M. Landau, M. Robinson, & B. Meier (Eds.), The Power of Metaphor: Examining its Influence in Social Life. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.>

Ph.D., University of Chicago
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M02-B Richmond Hall
(804) 287-6623
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Areas of Expertise
Spatial memory
Conceptual metaphor
Cognition and emotion