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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology majors investigate emotion, cognition, interpersonal relationships and a range of other phenomena that affect who we are and how we interact with the world.

Bukach Lab Summer Research

Faculty Highlights

  • Knouse Recognized

    Laura Knouse, associate professor of psychology, received the 2020 Distinguished Educator Award for outstanding contributions to excellence in education.

  • Bukach's Teach Materials Featured

    Cindy Bukach, associate professor of psychology, and team created PURSUE teaching materials that were featured in Psychophysiology and the Society for Psychophysiological Research website.

  • Lowder Published

    Matthew Lowder, assistant professor of cognitive psychology, along with two UR students and an alumni (Gwynna Ryan, ’21, Jaclyn Opie, ’21, and Emily Kaminsky, ’19), published “Effects of contrastive focus on lexical predictability during sentence reading: The case of not only…but also constructions” in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

  • Lundberg Published

    Kristjen B. Lundberg, an assistant professor of social psychology, along with colleagues at UVA, Duke, and UNC at Chapel Hill, has published an article in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, titled "A Privileged Point of View: Effects of Subjective Socioeconomic Status on Naïve Realism and Political Division." The article and more information is available here.

  • Knouse and Hickman Published

    Laura Knouse, associate professor of psychology, and Gill Robinson Hickman, leadership studies professor emerita, published When Leaders Face Personal Crisis (Leadership: Research and Practice) through Routledge.

  • Bukach Awarded

    Cindy Bukach, associate professor of psychology, has been awarded a $719,895 grant from the NSF as part of a $2m project entitled, Collaborative Research: Level II Preparing Undergraduates for Research in STEM-related fields Using Electrophysiology.

  • Berry Published

    Jane Berry and colleagues have recently published an article in PLOS ONE: Artificial neural networks reveal individual differences in metacognitive monitoring of memory.

  • Lambert Published

    Dr. Kelly Lambert recently published 'Optimizing brain performance: Identifying mechanisms of adaptive neurobiological plasticity' in ScienceDirect.

  • Burns, Arnold & Bukach Published

    Edwin Burns, Taylor Arnold and Cindy Bukach recently published "P-curving the fusiform face area: Meta-analyses support the expertise hypothesis".

  • Lambert Lab Published

    Dr. Kelly Lambert, Molly Kent and Dylan Vavra recently published "Avoiding Beach’s Boojum Effect: Enhancing bench to bedside translation with field to laboratory considerations in optimal animal models".

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