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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Psychology majors investigate emotion, cognition, interpersonal relationships and a range of other phenomena that affect who we are and how we interact with the world.

2022 Psychology Department Awards

Bukach Lab Summer Research

Faculty Highlights

  • Kochel Published

    Karen Puccia Kochel, associate professor of psychology, published the article, "Empirically Derived Psychological Profiles of College Students: Differential associations with COVID-19 Impact and Social Adjustment" in Emerging Adulthood.

  • Kochel Published

    Karen Puccia Kochel, associate professor of psychology, published the chapter, "Can Friends also be Foes?" in the book, Peer Relationships in Classroom Management.

  • Mishra Selected

    Maruti Mishra, Trawick Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology, was selected as a board member for the Vision Science Student Postdoc Advisory Committee, part of the Annual Vision Science Society meeting. 

  • Mishra Awarded

    Maruti Mishra, Trawick Postdoctoral Fellow in Psychology, was awarded a fully funded scholarship and travel Award to attend the 2022 ERP Bootcamp at Center for Mind and Brain sponsored by National Science Foundation. Mishra was one of 35 participants selected to attend the conference. Mishra was also awarded a travel scholarship to present work at the Psychonomic Society's 2022 Leading Edge Workshop.

  • Bukach Published

    Cindy Bukach, MacEldin Trawick Professor of Psychology, published the article, "Face Processing Still Predicts Reading Ability: Evidence from Developmental Prosopagnosia. A Reply to Gerlach and Starrfelt" in Cortex.

  • Lowder Published

    Matthew Lowder, assistant professor of psychology, published the article "Relative Clause Effects at the Matrix Verb Depend on Type of Intervening Material" in Cognitive Science.

  • Nonterah Receives Jeffress Trust Grant

    Camilla Nonterah, assistant professor of health psychology, received a Jeffress Trust grant for research on access to organ transplants. Read more

  • Lundberg Published

    Kristjen B. Lundberg, assistant professor of social psychology, co-authored the article "Economic Inequality and Socioeconomic Ranking Inform Attitudes Toward Redistribution," published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

  • Lundberg Selected as Mentor

    Kristjen Lundberg, assistant professor of social psychology, will mentor student Hyewon Hong for the project, “The Effect of Improving Friendship Quality on Well-Being and Loneliness Amidst Global Pandemics: An Experimental Intervention.” This was awarded through the A&S Research Grants Program.

  • Knouse Recognized

    Laura Knouse, associate professor of psychology, received the 2020 Distinguished Educator Award for outstanding contributions to excellence in education.

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