Dr. Craig H. Kinsley
Professor of Psychology
Coordinator, Neuroscience Program

Dr. Craig Kinsley researches the neurobiology and neurochemistry underlying social behaviors in animals, particularly the effects of reproductive experience (pregnancy, lactation and exposure to offspring) on the maternal and paternal brain.

Kinsley received his undergraduate degree in experimental psychology from California State University at Sonoma, his PhD from SUNY Albany, and spent four years as a post-doctoral fellow in neuroscience and neuroendocrinology at Harvard Medical School.

Selected Publications
Kelly Rafferty, Jamie Blair, R. Adam Franssen, Kelly G. Lambert & Craig H. Kinsley. Prospective Memory is Enhanced in Mother Rats. In progress. 
Kinsley, C.H., Blair, J.C., Karp, N.E., Hester, N.W., McNamara, I.M., Orthmeyer, A.L., McSweeney, M.C., Bardi, M.M., Karelina, K.**, Christon, L.M.**, Sirkin, M.R., Victoria, L.W., Skurka, D.J., Fyfe, C.R., Hudepohl, M.P., Felicio, L.F., Franssen, R.A., Meyer, E.E.A.**, Silva, I.**, & Lambert, K.G. Significant reduction in foraging costs through enhancements of predation in maternal rats. Submitted.
Melo, A.I., Toriz, C.G.** & Kinsley, C.H. (in press). Regulación hormonal, sensorial y social de la conducta materna en mamíferos: Efectos sobre la madre y sobre el desarrollo de la progenie (Hormonal regulation, sensory and social maternal behavior in mammals:  Effects on the mother and on the development of the progeny). Curso Pre-Congreso AIBIR 2013Procesos Fisiológicos, Conductuales y Toxicológicos de la ReproducciónMinisimposio III: Fisiología y Conducta Maternal. 
Kinsley, C.H. Book review of: Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95. For: Science, Books and Films, (American Association for the Advancement of Science), 49, 65-66, 2013 (Cover Article, March, 2013). 
Kinsley, C.H. & Meyer, E.A.** (2012). Maternal Mentality: Pregnancy and childbirth shape a woman’s mental makeover. His Brain, Her Brain:  Sci American Mind, 21, 79-83. 
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Kinsley, C.H. (2012). Playing Football with the Brain. Editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 21 July, 2012. 
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Billack, B., Serio, R.**, Silva, I.** & Kinsley, C.H. (2012). Epigenetic changes brought about by perinatal stressors: a brief review of the literature. J. Pharmacol. Toxicol. Methods66, 221-231.  (PMID:  22982214)
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Gerecke, K.**, Kishore, R.*, Jasnow, A.*, Quadros-Menella, P.*, Parker, S.*, Wightman-Hester, N.*, Kozub, F.J., Lambert, K.G. & Kinsley, C.H. (2011). Prenatal Stress Modifies Medial Preoptic Area Neuronal Morphology in Rats. Developmental Psychobiology53, 505-515.

Kinsley, C.H. & Meyer, E.A.  (2011).  Birth Of A Brain: Thinking for Two makes Mom Savvier, Bolder – And Brings Out Dad’s Nurturing Side. Maternal Mentality. Scientific American Mind, July/August, 2011 (Cover Article). 

Franssen, C.L., Bardi, M., Shea, E.A., Hampton, J.E.Franssen, R.A., Lambert, K.G. & Kinsley, C.H. (2011). Fatherhood alters behavioural and neural responsiveness in a spatial task. J. Neuroendo, 23, 1177-1187.
Zimberknopf, E.T.S., Gilberto, F.X., Kinsley, C.H. & Felicio, L.F. (2011).  Prior parity positively regulates learning and memory in young and middle-aged rats.  Comparative Medicine, 61, 1–12.
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Hucke, E.T.S., Gilberto, F.X., Kinsley, C.H. and Felicio, L.F.  Does the reproductive  experience of adult and middle-aged female rats modulate reference and working memory in the Morris water-maze?  Physiology and Behavior, submitted.
Gerecke, K., Kishore, R., Jasnow, A., Quadros-Menella, P., Parker, S., Wightman-Hester, N., Kozub, F.J., Lambert, K.G. & Kinsley, C.H.  Prenatal Stress Modifies Medial Preoptic Area Neuronal Morphology in Rats.  Hormones and Behavior, submitted.
Lambert, K.G. and Kinsley, C.H.  How becoming or being a parent changes the brain. Parenting: Science and Practice, in press.
Rima, B.N., Bardi, M., Friedenberg, J.M., Christon, L.M., Karelina, E., Lambert, K.G., Kinsley, C.H.  Reproductive experience and the female Sprague-Dawley rat's response to fear and stress.  Comparative Medicine, in press.
Kinsley, C.H.  Book review of:  The Death of Sigmund Freud by Mark Edmundson.  New York, Bloomsbury, 2007.  For:  Science, Books and Films (American Association for the Advancement of Science), in press.
Lambert, K.G., Tu, K., Everette, A., Love, G., McNamara, I.M., Bardi, M. & Kinsley, C.H. Explorations of coping strategies, learned persistence, and resilience in Long Evans rats:  Innate vs. acquired characteristics.  Stress, in press.Lambert, K.G., Tu, K., Everette, A., Love, G., McNamara, I.M., Bardi, M. & Kinsley, C.H. Explorations of coping strategies, learned persistence, and resilience in Long Evans rats:  Innate vs. acquired characteristics.  Stress, in press.
Lambert, K.G and Kinsley, C.H..  Clinical Neuroscience:  The Neurobiological Foundations of Mental Health.  Oxford University Press, New York, revision in preparation
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Kinsley, C.H.  Book review of: Tarra and Bella. For: Science, Books and Films (American Association for the Advancement of Science), 48, 56, 2010.

Ph.D., University at Albany, State University of New York
B.A., California State University at Sonoma
Experimental Psychology
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(804) 289-8132
(804) 287-1905 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Brain, Hormones and Behavior
Sex Differences and Sexual Differentiation of the Brain and Behavior
Natural Selection
Evolutionary Principles
Memory, Aging and Cognition
Stress and Animal Behavior (and Relevance for Human Behavior)